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A simple to operate POS software and a efficient management module. When approaching the card, the system performs the correct task, such as consultation, validation, renewal and sale.

Parking Exit Stations

Galvanized steel cabinet with epoxy paint, speech synthesizer and speaker, polycarbonate front panel.

Automatic Barrier Gate

Barrier with aluminum barrier and protective rubber and enclosure in galvanized steel and epoxy paint.

Collision protection at parking barriers

Ideal for heavy vehicle traffic.

Card Validator Machine For Automated Parking Exit

Smart card eletronic stamp with beep.

Rfid Card

Mifare Smart Card with internal chip and custom layout.

Product quality and durability

Our main service begins as soon as we finish installing the systems, so we are committed to the best follow up guaranteed by StopMatic.

Maintenance included.
Speed in installation operation and continuous service.
Commitment to the environment: Our entire operation does not use any paper rolls.

Technical Assignments

100% stainless steel construction
Tempered Glass 12mm thickness
Electrostatic or automotive painting
Internal electric lock for opening the side access door
High contrast illuminated display
10W Power Speaker
Smart cards
LED component
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